Saturday, 29 March 2014


YESTERDAY JUST DISAPPEARED - i don't know where it went although i was doing things, work things, emailing, phoning,  hassling the insurance company about my replacement camera. i've been totally disenchanted with AAMI who've been so terrific with past claims for camera and flooded floor replacement.
i dropped my camera about 6 weeks ago and since then despite about 4 phone calls and four emails from me, including sending a report of damage that i had to get in melbourne, i haven't heard one word from them unless i called them.
so yesterday i got stuck in and now i should have an updated version of my beloved canon next week, it's en route.   can't wait, i haven't taken a lot of photos because i just can't take to this fuji camera i bought.   it feels like a foreigner.

new cal pics 

i think this would be rene, getting creative in the bike shop :0)

sakura time - the cherry blossoms are out

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