Monday, 3 March 2014


I'M POOPED - after a day that shouldn't really be tiring.  but after spending last week getting the show up and sitting with it friday and saturday before the opening yesterday, i've been really tired at the end of the day. i guess it comes from being 'on' all day with people coming in and out.
I'm pleased with the way the work looks, it's a nice space too, high ceilings and a restful colour.  had a few people through friday and quite a lot saturday because there were kids' art classes on .  i sold a lot of picture books, a steady stream every day.

michael hogan, from mildura library and peter byrne, friend and husband of donnie.

a large and hairy visitor appeared the night before last.
this morning he's disappeared - so where is he??  i don't
just post a comment on any old spider, he's a bloody
big one. probably 5" across his front legs,  ugh

cal continues
to grow cuter
by the day
and now he
can pull himself
up to standing.

the pelicans are returning, they've been away the past few weeks but i counted 22 yesterday.  it's lovely to have them all over the water  and to see them gliding in each morning.

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