Saturday, 15 March 2014


IT'S BEEN A FUNNY DAY- this morning it rained,  lovely steady rain on and off all morning. it was lovely to see the roses outside my window with raindrops on them.   then this afternoon a wind blew up and before i knew it there was a mild dust storm blowing up the river.   weird.
moya and brian arrive 
tomorrow for 2 nights.

I had fun this afternoon trying out monoprints to illustrate the next book i'm doing, it's set in 1910 so the finished result could work well.  nice to put everything else aside and just spend the afternoon working on a copper plate.
i did two images, two prints off each one.  i'm thinking it could create a really lovely book

working the on copper plate

i'm using this picture as reference material - it's
my grandmother taken around the turn of the
last century

finished image on the copper plate
finished printed image - i'll be adding colour, and i'll try some adding the colour on the plate
second print adding some oil,  less contrast but worth pursuing

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