Wednesday, 5 March 2014


IT RAINED LAST NIGHT for about 15 minutes,  a lovely noisy dump on the roof and then it was gone, but boy is it humid now.   still it's the end of the day, the sky is pink and mauve and there's a bit of a breeze so i'm not complaining.  i had a really nice day in at the gallery, no one came - well seven people but the cafe's not open till tomorrow so there's not much action around.   i had a lovely day just working, drawing, emailing, thinking about new ideas, storyboarding.   so much so that when i decided to pack up around 4 i found that it was already 4.30.

- signing a book
for barb, my scrabble friend who dropped in with her sister.   the grapevines grow all around the artback verandah, so cool and lovely to sit under.

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