Wednesday, 26 March 2014


I'VE DECIDED to walk into wentworth to get the paper every day, i've got to start getting regular exercise.   so i did today and met brad (who sold me the house) on his morning walk,  ashley, another cadell st resident who told me about a free exercise class, and dropped in to see local artist marg whyte who's moved in at the other end of cadell st.  we've decided to play scrabble every now and then.

got home and picked up my wonderful bosch electric saw and went to town on the garden, chopped up a small dead tree, got rid of all the old iceberg standards, straggly old dry sage so it'll regenerate, low hanging branches on the rubber tree, there are piles everywhere.

the afternoon was spent playing with watercolour on the prints i've been working on, it's all going well.  

terry the pump man dropped in and cleared my blocked grease trap for me, kitchen sink gunk was overflowing out under the carport, very yucky.   he let me know he'd made the new spanner for me, now i can undo the filter on the pump and clean it myself.   YAY  independence.  i hated having to ring terry all the time to get him to do it.  the new spanner has a very long metal handle which gives me a really good grip  :0)


  1. Anne, this is even more beautiful! Love seeing it come to life.

  2. Sounds like you are really energised Anne.

  3. thanks cathy :0) i was really energised that day moya. today - bit slower. another image coming up though x


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