Friday, 23 November 2012


I'M HOME and it feels 
good.everything's looking great, nothing
has died and i'm really happy to
be here.  here are pics from the
trip up

helen and don's gorgeous garden, i stayed
overnight in the grampians with them, 
feeling so much better than i did on the
way down - a huge relief

morning walk with helen and flash 

helen and don's place is in
an area that has an endless
variety of eucalypts, huge 
beautiful old trees along the
road on the walk down to
lake lonsdale  

a face only
a mother could
love  - scarily
jimmy saville,
that eye!

a corella, haven't
checked which one

i love the little flash of soft blue on the kookaburra's wing  -  still on the walk with helen.

blue wren
in helen's 

AUSTRALIA'S answer to mount rushmore - the
 grumpy giant koala
at dadswell's bridge - have to photograph
him every time
 i go thru

it's the roadside stop
that just keeps 
on giving :0)

this sad little fellow
must have just been
hit -  only a few weeks
old i'd say - i couldn't
tell what it was when
i drove around it, had
to get out to check it
wasn't alive

I arrived home around 3 yesterday (THURSDAY) and was relieved to be
really really happy to be here, the house
feels so settled and the river is as gorgeous
as ever, last night was a clear starlit night.

i headed out to the airport to pick janeen
brian up at the airport for a weekend of
work and relaxation.

   my first guest
to arrive by air

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  1. The test that home is truly home is that you love getting back there. Congratulations on all you've done his year, Anne; it's been a huge one so no wonder you needed the break. Enjoy the week with Janeen and say hi to her from me! All the best! Marjory


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