Monday, 5 November 2012


i had a major spin out all day, have i done the wrong thing, what's the future got in store, can i manage this block,  why am i here?   it would be so much better if i had
someone else here to sound off to instead of all this going around in my head.

i'm sure it's all temporary, change is always difficult and this is big big change at the end
of a crazy year.

i headed off to the redcliffs market to have a look around, but i found it all a bit depressing, lots of pretty ordinary stuff. 
called in to the art vault for a quick visit and caught up with everyone before going to
see Argo,  it was great but probably not a film for the mood i was in,  it was incredibly
tense but really well done.

MONDAY   Still feeling pretty shaky, but i've spent some time in the garden and put
some newspaper mulch down. i want to do it bit by bit until the areas i want to
use are all tucked in.  a water guy is supposed to be here any minute to advise
me on the garden and watering systems.  i need to feel a bit more in control.   eeek

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