Friday, 2 November 2012


IT'S a beautiful morning, the dusty hot windy weather has ended and it's still and just warm.
7.30 and the birds are singing,  i can hear the kingfisher which sits up high in the gum tree outside every day - very hard to get a photo but i'll persist.
no pics - yesterday i spent three hours in the garden, raking up mountains of huge leaves from
the crummy old rubber tree out the back door, the one thing i'd happily get rid of if it wasn't that it would cost a fortune.
but the rake uncovered little edgings and a brick pathway that i'll continue to investigate today.
also stacks of installed hose which needed new sprays and sprinklers fitted so i've bought all those - today's job.

it was the art vault's fourth birthday
yesterday, so i went in for celebration
drinks in the evening and met some
new people - people who have
friends in wentworth, so i'm bound
to meet them.  i came home reassured
that i'll be making new connections,
friends and acquaintances and feeling
like part of the place - a 
good thing after my gloom of two 
days ago 

these pics were taken on my first
trip to the art vault, august last year.
so much has happened since
then, it's inspired me to go back over
all my mildura pics and find
ones that are a part of why i was
inspired to move here.

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