Monday, 26 November 2012


TODAY was my inaugural swim as a morning swimmer at the pool   $46 for a season ticket  -     a pretty good start to a hot day

THEN  i was confronted by this little mother, hiding out in the boot of my car.   what to do???   i trapped him in the glass part of my vintage vitamiser (great to find a new use for a classic appliance)  and threw him out into the garden.
but what about the rest of the car?    it's been thoroughly drenched in surface spray so if the spiders don't die, i probably will.

not as big as my hand, but it
felt like it     : 0 |

ang, harry and ruby at home
 in gol gol 

 -  i'm using ang and harry as models for an illustration i'm doing - they live on a lovely piece of land lush with thick green grapevines.
the visit was just a treat - and i got to see the new kittens charlie and . . . . i've forgotten the other name and to meet harry, ruby and lola.

lola with the 
new kitten,
  very sweet,
ruby's wonderful
  painting of
 a pig,


 the loch lit up
at night  

the view from the deck,  glowing solar lights looking out to the river

the moon through the trees on the river - soon it will be shining directly over the water

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