Sunday, 18 November 2012


It's SUNDAY    

and i'm in torquay at sister jenny's.   i've been with friends all week just chilling out and letting people drive me around - really surrendering to having a rest, i really need it

LOOKING BACK  this week

I've stayed with anne and den
- easy time just veging out with
dvds and food, a bit of wandering round the garden,
catching up  -  very nice

annes' knitting these very cute beanies in wonderful multi-coloured wools, like gumnut babies

of course we had to have a dedicated op shopping day - absolutely the most reliable therapy for a washed out overtired girl like me,  lots of goodies to be had at the surfside op shops :-)

FRIDAY . . .
then it was on to gail's for a stay and some serious scrabble - another well acknowledged therapy, more good food and company.   what would we do without our dear friends and family.



NOAH  what a little character - he posed for most of the pics in my new book and this was the first time he'd seen it, 
just before the opening of the group show at TUSSOCK

Noah and family
outside the bakery
in point lonsdale's
seaside shopping
strip -  

BELOW - Pics from the opening, good sales and a really great afternoon with lots of friends and family and people i hadn't seen for ages.

happy customers  :-)  



after the exhibition, dinner at
the torquay pub,  sunny's taking
the pic


staying at jenny
and freddie's now in
jan juc,  this beautiful lily grows along the walkway to the front door, a large arum lily, but i've never seen one with this blush of pink before, it's just

We went down to the sunday market on the front beach and mockie went nuts in the water afterwards - a very funny and lovable dog

jenny, freddie and mockie,  the water today was the most vivid blue

a much needed moment of solitude here - i've been with people every minute this week and need to catch up on how i am - have to decide when i'm ready to go back - soon i hope

so it's goodbye from me . . . and 
from him

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