Monday, 12 November 2012


SISTER helen and husband don are here for a couple of days, great to have them.   i wish i was in
a better state to entertain them, i had a weird day of physically feeling almost ill from stress, but managed  to do some collagraphs in new ways, the workshop was good.


still feeling strung out

i managed to burn the apple pie

for some reason this remnant
of burnt crust appealed to me

strangely surreal

helen thought it was all
pretty funny



wow, i can't believe how different i was today, talk about up and down. today was
wonderful,  great people from all the different areas i've been involved in so far,
from mildura and wentworth - people involved in my buying the house, art vault crew,
anne and steve from artback here in wentworth, the family who used to own the house,
a big afternoon and evening on the river bank - it was just delightful

tiggy and sasha spent half the afternoon in the river

christening the flash bbq apron sister jenny brought me back from gay paree

great new friends enjoying the late afternoon on the river  -  it was great to have them

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