Saturday, 3 November 2012

end of the week

friday, nov 3    - a sparkling morning, blinding in fact!

i did my first walk down to artback for coffee this morning, about 25 minutes so a nice bit of exercise in the morning, and i'm thinking it will be a good alternative place to work sometimes when i want to escape the distractions of home.  it's a great building, with lots of different levels, outside balcony and courtyard, upstairs mezzanine with comfy couches, also couches downstairs, so somewhere comfortable to work whatever the weather.

anne, ruth and steve,  new friends in wentworth

in the evening at artback there was a book launch about the history of racing here, apparently the first race was a two horse race around the main street, i think it finished at the pub - where all good races should end.    i could stand corrected there though.
afterwards was a jazz/dinner evening, a part of the mildura jazz festival which is on this weekend. 
a fun night where i met lots of new

book launch at artback,  anne and author above

the band was Dog Gone South, great harmonica and bluesy sound.

the studio's slowly taking shape - the last room in the house to be organised, i've just got too much stuff, and so many folios of work, i  think i'll have to move some of it out to the bungalow.  great to have these blinds up - thanks to janet and bevan for them

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