Sunday, 17 July 2016


DAYS AT HOME - winter indoors life, i'm getting a bit sick of it.  i think i often get like this in winter - gloomy weather, gloomy spirits. although today it's been amazingly sunny - but cool air, toasty in the car and crisp outside.
well, i jumped in the car and went in to a movie.  tarzan,  very silly but fun, a perfect saturday afternoon movie despite the fact that tarzan (aka alexander sarsgaard) was incredibly unattractive and dull.

HERE HE IS  the big lug,   this was the facial expression throughout -
and that body??  ridiculous!

after the movie i bought a bright little rug at ishka for the airbnb toilet (two guests have mentioned the cold slate floor) and came home to spend a couple of hours out on the deck in the sun.

my canon camera is damaged after being dropped a few weeks back, the zoom just won't focus.  so i haven't been taking as many photos as usual.  tried out my fuji today but i've just never got the hang of it.  i need a new canon.  i think it qualifies as an insurance claim.  investigation required

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