Thursday, 28 July 2016


YES GET UP ANNE!  it's 6.45 and i need to do a lot today, make pumpkin soup, a rhubarb crumble, pack for the weekend, drive into mildura to see accountant and arts centre (re. publicity for exhibition), visit metalworker about my signage for the house, pick up some goodies from the op shop (old sheets for the fabric dying workshop), finish mounting the two large prints for the Bellarine Print prize, whizz around the house and tidy up.  mahdi and husband lloyd will arrive same day i get back so i need to leave things spit spot.  good, now i've unloaded all that i can get up and start.
ooh, and pick up a huge sheet of black plastic that's been blowing around the back of wenty swimming pool.  a perfect drop sheet for the fabric dyeing workshop

my entries in the bellarine print prize

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