Thursday, 28 July 2016


I'M SO SAD today to see that my friend Kevin Burgemeestre, (who i didn't see nearly enough of)  has died, I had no idea he was ill but he's just had a return of cancer and in a few short weeks he's left us.
my fond memory is of kevin with his big pencil headdress, a giant pencil on a headband which looked like it was going right through his head.  He would wear it when he did his workshops and school visits, always made me smile.
He was a lovely man, i'm very sad for his lovely wife Lee and family.

found this pic on google, kev with smile and
pencil on a school visit

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  1. yep, what a great man! Miss him and maybe we won't ever see anyone else quite as good as he was! Dave Metzenthen.


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