Sunday, 31 July 2016

FRIDAY A DAY’S DRIVE down to halls gap, low grey skies all the way, I just drove straight there no stopping or op shopping.
look at that lowdown face - mean!

FINALLY I get to hold little mara, what a darling little treasure she is. Cal’s so big now next o her, a real boy, go go go all day, mostly in an iron man suit complete with built in biceps and 6 pack.
It’s great to be here with everyone, a big family weekend in icy weather in a large warm house.

 Saturday, a long walk to the shops for the papers, I’m sure it must be snowing somewhere it’s so icy.  Nice though, I imagine Scotland is like this,  thick white cloud hanging over the excarpments.

WONDERFUL to spend time with family, all together with nothing in particular to do.  and so lovely to see rene and sayaka with the kiddlies. 


 little emperor cal in his magnificent pjs  :0)

    a great end to the weekend, time in the sun at the Pomonal               market in the lovely primary school grounds

            my beautiful new granddaughter


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