Monday, 4 July 2016


MY THIRD airbnb guest is about to leave, it's working out well and i can see things that need improving.  definitely need two extra powerpoints, i have three overloaded powerboards in there and it's really clunky.  a rectangular table would be better too, more room to eat and work but the space is limited.  i think i'll get an ikea table with drop down sides. hmmm, i might do a bit of internet shopping right now :0)
  Overall though, it works, people can stay completely independent of my part of the house and we hardly hear each other.  But i'll make it a minimum two nights - i spent a day fluffing around getting the room ready yesterday. 

Must get into cleaning up all the frames for my exhibition today.

PROUD OF MYSELF - yes, today i took down the Christmas decorations :0)

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