Sunday, 15 May 2016

SUNDAY - after market day

Photos from yesterday, beautiful mist on the river in the morning, lovely sunset, calm autumn weather is back and the water is like glass

after a walk on the island i came across Harry - i've seen him on facebook, he's taking his horses, cart and dog on a trek to raise money for facsio-cranial surgery

in the afternoon sonja and indi dropped in for a cuppa, a nice surprise         
 sundown, another lovely one

BIG SLEEP last night after a day at artback for annie's market day. i just sold books, no clothes or jewellery. I needed an easy day and had to pack up and go right on time to go into mildura for our sunset photo shoot at Lake Cardross.  

    with Samragi and Aaron, at my bookstall
dee and mer were opposite me with dee's lovely silver jewellery and mer's music playing.  an easy way to spend a day

Market day wasn't as busy as usual but i still made some money and the evening sky was filled with interesting sheets of broken cloud as i left.  very promising for the Lake Cardross shoot.  I organised it but had no idea where it was so had to grab a lift with someone.
Lake Cardross was lovely, full of stark tree skeletons and home to pelicans, swans, ibis and little invisible birds in the thick reeds around the edge.  great photo opportunities.

my favorite pics
of the day

A beautiful way to end the day - we left in almost darkness, 
then I dropped into the brewery on the way home for a glass of wine with sonja, who was with two friends i know.  suddenly tired, i came home to find Di moved out into the caravan park to be with her partner Jos.  it feels strangely empty.  Photo shoot at perry sandhills with my yoga teacher Sam this morning

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  1. Awww...Anne, so beautiful!! Thank you for sharing these pictures and a nice post! Cheers, Sadami


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