Thursday, 19 May 2016


...or is it just stupid me! :0|

i'm taking back the mitre box and saw, why not just get my picture framer to do that cut for me?   and the 3in1 stapler,  which has little nails, U staples and normal?   i can't figure out how to load it, even though it looks just like my old one. so i have to creep back into bunnings and get some refunds and hopefully some help from someone who knows.  and change the moulding coz it's too narrow.  i think i'm experiencing $450 worth of aggravation but at least i'll have a hearth that looks ok.   touch wood
laying it out and marking it with pen to make sure it fits from edge to edge

a nice walk to get the paper and a coffee this morning, more gorgeous pics to be had at the lock, reflections in this glorious autumn weather are wonderful

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