Sunday, 22 May 2016


YESTERDAY donnie turned 75  and she decided to have a wake.  the great time you have with friends where you all say good things about each other - only she would be there.   with bells on too :0)

75 friends (i think) and lots of planning - stef's cafe was full and there were beautiful flowers everywhere.  people from so many aspects of donnie's life, ros atkins came up from melbourne.  a lovely day
stef's has just painted the white walls grey and
it looks great, the artwork bounces against it

                         my friends ruth and marg

lovely maddie used to be at artback 

    i did the menu design to donnie's specs, lovely old pic of her

julie and ros
stefano's gorgeous mother-in-law anna and cynthia,
who's been very kind to me

                     with donnie's bestie margot who has the ravishing 
                       Ampelon property at golgol, superb gardens

ART VAULT OPENING later in the day, colin straub came to one of my workshops and had a room of interesting ceramic vessels that hung on the wall

big kev,  hard to believe he had a massive heart 
attack two weeks ago.  here's hoping he cuts down
his workload and takes care of himself.

robert introduces ros as she opens dean bowen's print show

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