Wednesday, 25 May 2016


AFTER A COUPLE OF WEEKS of having a really tired back and sore hip, enough that it was tiring me and making me feel like i was living under a grey cloud, suddenly yesterday i was much better, walking was easy, i could stride out as much as i wanted to.  such a good feeling and as i went to get my roadworthy (necessary in nsw with rego payment)  i was told i needed 4 new tires :0{    so dropped off the car and walked around the golf club in the sun for about 1 1/4hrs. very nice

this autumn has been so gorgeous - it's like gentle summer, clear skies, sunshine and not a breath of wind.   :0)

The hearth is nearly finished, just got to put the moulding round the edge and grout it.  it's looking good so far 
Driving home from bunnings at almost sundown the river was just gorgeous at curlwaa, about 10 minutes from home.

diamonds on 
the murray

I'M BUSY entering print competitions and applying for grants at the moment,  deciding which of my swans i want to enter, not wanting to sell any of them.  tricky.   i want to exhibit them when i've done some more

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  1. Hi, Anne, Beauuutiful prints! Go, go, Anne! I heartily hope you will get grants. Best wishes, Sadami


thanks for all comments - great to get feedback