Wednesday, 7 January 2015


WHILE JAKE and his mentee were disassembling the bathroom, i painted more walls - it's stinking hot here again so that means wall painting for me.

here i have a whole
new wall - bookshelves
moved to another room.
so now i have the
task of how to hang
more work - not a bad
way to while away
the time

IT'S BEEN so satisfying to 
finally use all these colours
- i bought them about 8 mths
ago when i thought i might
really need something to
do while i had no licence.
obviously that wasn't a 
problem because the pots
of paint have just sat there
till now. but it's great to
give the house a new face - 
lovely 50's coloured walls


Apart from the colours, i found a tin of off-white so i  freshened up the dining room, kitchen and hall. 
a wall-painting dynamo!!

   new wall colours brings things to life - :0)

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