Wednesday, 7 January 2015


DID I MENTION THAT?  it's bloody hot -  i've had the evaporative cooler on all day and thought it wasn't doing much of a job until i walked outside.   it's 11pm now and i'm sure it must still be at least 30 outside.  it's a wall of warm when you open the door, and a lesser warm inside.
looks like the old wet towel on the head again tonight :0)    rain to come though, and cooler weather on the weekend

still, i'm enjoying my lovely new walls  and the birds outside are surviving with the help of the sprinklers and birdbaths

 these are young 
honeyeaters, i'm
amazed to see 
that they have
bright pale blue
eyes.  they were
jumping around
in the water having
an absolute ball,
three littlies :0)
 this sweet little bird's beak is deformed, it doesn't close.  i watched it drinking for a while, not sure what it is but it's a survivor

a juvenile little friarbird, these were nesting when i first moved here,  their nest was a lovely lacy construction on the lowest end of a swaying branch that hung low over the river.  the female was sitting on the nest when i left to go away, gone when i got back.  i haven't found their nest since, but they're around

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