Saturday, 24 January 2015


LOOKS LIKE A GOOD WEEKEND - it's been hot but i've still managed two days sweating it out in the studio, now the temperatures going to be a little kinder.
It's all happening on the bathroom front, nearly finished.  plasterer on tuesday to put up a cornice then jake will come back and finish off. 
dean the builder is arriving on monday to put in the laundry cabinet along the side of the house - a bit of a shock as i only asked him to do the base (putting down the footings) as i don't really have the money to do the rest right now.  but he's gone ahead and got the cabinet made - i expected him back to just double check everything, even though i'd drawn it up and he checked and adjusted the measurements.  i dont know whether my drawing had the kind of cupboard door finish i wanted ( eeek )   i won't pay for anything i'm not happy with but i hate the apprehension involved in wondering and if it's not right, i also hate the negotiating and debate about resolving things    :O{    i just hope it's all ok.  i explained that i'll only be able to pay him in instalments as i wasn't expecting to do it right now.  sigh

last night was the wentworth component of the mildura international music festival, a lute player Rosemary Hodgson.  I had dinner at artback first with a woman i'd never met before, shirley - she's a spanish dancer,  not spanish but she's been passionate about it ever since she first saw it.  and she's been doing it all her long life, she's older than i am, tall blonde and looking very fit and trim.

i made the mistake of having two glasses of wine with dinner after a day of being in the hot studio on a 39 deg day, so half dozed through the performance.

The night was
gorgeous - still
and clear and cool
after the heat of
the day

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  1. Hi Anne,
    I used to teach Rosemary at Nazareth primary school and she stood out as she would play her guitar literally morning, noon and night. Obviously it is her passion. Great to see her after so many years!


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