Thursday, 22 January 2015


IT WAS PRETTY HOT TODAY - 38 -  so i headed off at 7.30 for a walk on the island. i got out of the car and there was a baby maggie, he ran right up to me, head on one side and looking for food. then i saw a rabbit, a mudlark and some swallows so i just stood there and thought 'how good is this for a start to the day'.
then i heard a door close - a man came out of the toilets a little way away.  he was youngish, all in black, almost shaved hair, an unpleasant stooping stance and he stopped and just looked at me.  then slowly walked over to the riverbank and headed off away from the island.  but he put the wind up me - it didn't feel good so i got back in the car and headed home.  i felt really put out - he spoiled my morning  :0{  but  i stopped at the lock and sat with the paper and my sketchbook and camera - there were ducks, plovers, pelicans, galahs, grass parrots, swallows, magpies and mudlarks so i drew some birds and then drove down to artback to do the xword and have a coffee.  
anne arrived and we had coffee and a chat and i came home and printed all day. i've cleaned up the print studio and i'm starting to just play around and see what happens. 
the electrician and plumber both came and finished what they had to do in the bathroom so it's all but finished, just the cornice to go up and i can paint the ceiling and it's done :0)
anne dropped by for a drink at 5 and then i practised the ukulele for about half an hour.   not a bad day after all

pelican preening time

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  1. Hi, Annie, really look forward to your ukulele playing!!! Cheers, Sadami


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