Monday, 5 January 2015


time to haul myself out of bed, this is my third day of painting walls which has led to emptying bookshelves, taking down my huge noticeboard and sorting out 2 years of pics and notes and eventually deciding to re-organise the house,  moving furniture by dragging it on rugs down halls and over steps.   I'm a bit tired :0)   but i'm painting again today and hopefully by tonight some order will begin to return :0)  
i'll take some pics of the bedlam

the riverbank last night

 taken with the
phone - the
camera was
somewhere in
the mess that
is my home :0)

barbecue area, these lanterns are lovely at night but they have their own ideas of when to glow and when not to, totally unpredictable despite the fact that they're solar.

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