Monday, 2 June 2014


A LOVELY DAY HERE  it rained during the night too so everything's damp and the garden is fresh and green.  
The monoprints are coming along beautifully, another one done.  So it was great to have art vault current resident ellie malin here for lunch.  ellie's work is lovely, made with tiny pieces of plywood rolled up in all sorts of yummy colours and carefully placed in patterns, then printed,  layers of them.  they've been applied to a range of clothing for Gorman stores. have a look at her site.
We've printed together often at the australian print workshop - we had lunch on the deck then went in to see mia (art vault) in roller derby training.  those girls have fun

mouthguards in all colours from black to white

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  1. I love these photos!! GO,GO, ladies, you're shining!!!
    Cheers, Sadami


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