Saturday, 31 May 2014


OH  it's so nice when it rains - it feels like the day is just saying 'do whatever you like'.   :0)   so i had a saturday kind of saturday,   a ride down the street for the paper, caught up with helen healy who'd just been to rowing,  watched some telly -  the wonderful HBO series In Treatment with gabriel byrne, did a monoprint - a double  page of the book i'm working on, and enjoyed myself.
i'll do the gardening i intended to do tomorrow :0)

Helen and i at artback, in
black and white - we looked
a bit scary in colour

on the power lines outside the backpackers in wentworth

Marg whyte's window at Ruby's Cargo  - a shop full of
hand made goodies in wenty

the irrepressible marg herself - a champion of colour over

and the star of the day - rain and more rain     just lovely

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