Sunday, 4 May 2014


SUNDAY - I went to a new drawing group in nearby Dareton, a wonderful location on an old guide hall,  a large space with a fireplace up one end, fire blazing, seven of us for an 'endurance drawing day', from 9.30 till 4.  we all just took along what we wanted and some food.  but there was an extraordinary spread of lunch, three kinds of soup, club sandwiches, a meat in pastry roll, cake.  it was terrific, and so good to put a whole day aside to draw. 

 kate, a very active drawer, and daughter stephanie modelling for her

                    denise, who has the wonderful roses i love so much

        it felt a bit like being invited into someone's home

i got out all my
old pics of
angels, started
myself with

kate was drawing
in charcoal - in
bare feet. the 
floor was a 
work of art
in itself. 
                          lovely young stephanie posed for a couple of
                                     pics.  i may use her in swan lake

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