Friday, 2 May 2014


A CAL-A-THON.     Pics from sayaka's facebook page over the past two weeks.  the moustache is still around :-\

pics taken
during the visit
of joe, who
worked in 
rene's shop
for a long
time - a gorgeous
boy.  this is not
him - i think
this is the local

cal is already
a connoisseur of
coffee houses,
if not coffee :0)

with sayaka and joe 

 skateboarding in the street

 i love 
 this supermarket
- it's a mass of great
signage and great 
little cutesie cartoon
characters on all
the boxes. so much
colour you don't
know where to start
shopping - too much
of everything.

also a connoisseur of restaurants

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