Saturday, 24 May 2014


JUST REALISED my last blog post was sitting there for days unpublished. i've been neglecting my daily writing,  busy since i've been back.

Getting home late from the two day drive back up here i just dumped everything and went to bed. worked all day wednesday and thursday friday there've been painters here finishing the repairs to the ceiling where the rain came in.
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On Wednesday it was donnie's birthday lunch, a quick lunch because i was working. in the evening it was the opening of the new shows, so i worked late and didn't get home till after eight - the house strewn with all the things i'd bought back with me from my
trip to melbourne and torquay.  framed work, bags of op shop goodies, my unpacked luggage.   i just left it all and fell into bed

thursday friday there've been painters here finishing the repairs to the ceiling where the rain came in.  the assessor very kindly arranged for them to paint the whole kitchen and dining room ceilings, i meant to get a pic but i had too many other things to do.

i realised when i got home from my trip away that my rego had run out two days before. here in NSW you have to get a roadworthy every year, it's a very expensive process.  rego is over $300, a roadworthy i guess is about $120 and i don't know if i have to get anything done. 3rd party is over $450, and then there's my own insurance on top  $680 if i choose comprehensive.  AND you have to pay for your number plates every year - $50 for yucky yellow ones, $99 for black like mine (so i can still feel like a victorian :0)

so, yesterday i had to see a lawyer who's giving me free advice about my licence court case next wednesday,  and with my accountant who's organised a nice big tax refund for me (a surprise) and then an unexpected afternoon of work at the art vault.  other things to do too so i was running from one place to another all morning.

Car was in the shop early for it's RWC so i caught the bus for the first time. what a shame i didn't take the camera.  it was a whole new experience, all the noisy school kids on board, the driver yelling at them to shut up from time to time,  great new landscape to look at as we took a road i've never been on, and no having to watch my speed or find a park.  I really enjoyed it.
But at 5.30 as i went to get the bus home i remembered my car, i hadn't picked it up at 3
as i'd said i would.  I rang and the poor girl who answered was waiting with the key, and told me she should've finished at 4.30 as they always did on friday.  :0\     i'll have to buy her a gift of some kind.

sigh  -  i've been on the go non-stop for a week and a half, today at last i have saturday and sunday at home to finally put things away, rearrange the house which is a mess - the painters needed to move furniture and there are piles of framed photos, prints, ornaments, vases, computer stuff - all where they shouldn't be.

i've come home with two sample pots of paint in strong colours to try out, time to paint a couple of feature walls, a soft mid grey to go behind all my etchings and friend's work, and a red to go somewhere.   i've got a handful of colour swatches, fifties green, soft dull mauve, greentinged wheat colour,  now i just need the time.
the garden needs a weekend of watering, that'll be good to do,  and i'll get a monoprint done for the book, they're going really well.
just writing my thoughts here, clearing my head for a weekend of pottering and sorting.
now i'll see if i've got any photos to add. haven't taken many in the last few days.

a wall of rona greens 
- part of the art vault 'QUIRKY & CONTROVERSIAL' show in the main gallery

sonja and julie at the opening

Local artist and art teach chris fraser sold eleven of her drawings at the packed opening, it was  a buzzy night

dear robert and andrew at the bar

Mia has been bringing her pomegranates in, she has five trees groaning under the weight of these monster fruits - they're so dark and juicy i just cut them open and squeeze them into drinks and onto food or straight into my mouth!

compare -  mia's magnificent effort and my little babies. they're good to eat too though

 they are beautiful things

I took some bio shots of helen when i was there and
i like this one

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