Tuesday, 27 May 2014


I'VE BEEN COMMUTING to mildura by bus until i can re-register my car, today hopefully.  the bus trip is terrific, no watching the speedo, worrying about cops hiding in bushes (they're vigilant out on the open roads),  great scenery, very comfy buses with big big windows and soft seats, lots of noise on board (no one looking at their phones) and the trip seems quick.  plus the bus stops and leaves from right outside the art vault.
 AND only $2.50 an all day ticket

yesterday morning, the western sky 

 Ellie Malin has arrived
to do a residency at
the art vault. i took 
her on a stroll around
the cbd on my lunch
hour.  we've printed
together at the print
workshop and i'll be
looking forward to her
putting her complex
woodblock prints 
together again. they're
like a jigsaw of colours

ellie couldn't resist buying a mahdi chandler scarf from the art vault
collection of beautiful hand-dyed scarves, constantly taunting me with
their amazing range of colours. this one's beautiful indigo dyed linen.

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