Friday, 4 June 2021



I DISCOVERED A NEW WALK only 500m from home, from the junction park along to a seat looking onto the lock.  i'm starting to take longer walks, pretty slow paced but i'll increase the distance as it feels ok.

Blue faced honeyeaters at the birdbath

an early morning visitor, two kangaroos were on the lawn 
when i got up

The moon coming up over the lock

autumn, fabulous colour and misty mornings

This large kangaroo bounded past my bedroom window -  he thinks i can't see him

the super blood moon - an eclipse in a clear sky

the gorgeous one -  
more lovable by the day

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  1. Inadvertently came upone your blog....the mysteries of using the internet.
    Anyway I had no idea you had needed hip surgery. Hope its all going well for you. Life on the river looks beautiful. Cheers Robyn PS your family looks gorgeous.


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