Friday, 18 June 2021


 I'M UNWINDING - it's good to give myself time to just catch up with myself.   i have a medical certificate from the surgeon until July 13 (not that i need one) but i'm giving myself until then to just garden, knit, get the house and studio in order and walk, get stronger.    It's a good feeling.

It's been pretty cool so i've had the fire on, it's lovely to sit in that warmth, rene's jumper is growing so much more quickly than i expected, i'm loving having a challenging project to concentrate on.

Had a night at sue and derek's and sue just whipped up coffee scrolls before our eyes on Sunday morning, chatting while she made them - of course they were perfect!  then i headed off to lunch
with my old school buddy

Great to catch up -  it's probably 20 years since we've seen each other.  We had lunch with her niece and friends at trentham estate and she and her partner adrian came out to visit next morning on the way to broken hill. however over coffee they discovered they weren't allowed into NSW, probably shouldn't have been at my place.  so we went to the pub for lunch and they headed back to mildura.   
Eunice and Adrian on the left, a beautiful sunny day

COVID lockdowns and restrictions between borders are so confusing - changing on an almost daily basis and it's so difficult to find up to date information.  Now, today, Melbourne's lockdown has eased right up again but Sydney looks like it might have a problem beginning.  


Skies have been spectacular with 
windy rainy weather.  lots of interesting cloud and great colours.

Very happy to see these gum blossoms, i planted this eucalyptus leucoxilon about 7 years ago and at the time the nurserywoman said that because it was grown from seed she couldn't guarantee the colour - it would be pink or white.  hallelujah!  first flowers this week and it's the beautiful rose colour i'd hoped for

A morning at the lock, i walked there then across the cemetery and back.  Walking a little more all the time -
well not every day.  It's not so inviting in winter :0(   If i
had a walking buddy it would be easier to get out there

skies - from
the IGA 

Beautiful apples from sue and 
derek's small orchard, their 
fruit is always magnificent, 
all kinds of citrus including 
blood grapefruit and blood 
oranges, elderberries, and a 
large vege garden that's always bursting with rich 

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