Wednesday, 9 June 2021


 I PULLED THE PLUG on my Romeo and Juliet project - it was feeling so bad waking up every day with it on my mind.  i've done so much work on it but during the covid year i've been more and more unable to get any decent work done on the final artwork - the story is so filled with violent death, grief and sadness.  i've done one illustration three times and none is any good.  I'll keep what i have - who knows, maybe i'll pick it up again down the track - in better times. 

It was the right decision, suddenly my head is clear again and i feel i have time for everything else.    The publisher has been very kind and understanding.

So now it's time to get out and clean out the 
studio for future projects. Sonja's portrait 
awaits.  I started it at the beginning of last
year and didn't touch it after March.  A good
clean up out there will feel great. when this
cold snap passes.  brrrrr! 


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