Wednesday, 1 January 2020


ANOTHER YEAR ON THE RIVER coming up.  Christmas in geelong was great and after a brief stay in Melbourne and dinner with friends at the Builders Arms i drove up to don's for a visit.  I left early next day because the temperature was expected to be 44.  and it was.

the trip home from the grampians was good, i'm glad i left at 6.15am. the sky was beautiful for a couple of hours, sun behind clouds so not too hot.  i was home by 11.30 and had skulled (sculled?) a whole large bottle of V8 on the way, a meal!
the house was so hot after days with no cooling and i had to sleep on the couch under the fan because it was the only cool room in the house.  even my large cooler couldn't get the temp below 29.   so yesterday i was just a vegetable all day and didn't even acknowledge new year's eve. 
now it's a new year and i'm on the wagon this month.  time to get back in 
condition for my trip to china in march.  and work in general.  here are a few pics from the trip and a lovely young kooka that sat with his tail in the birdbath for hours on that hot afternoon.

beautiful sunrise at Lake Lonsdale as i drove out of don's gate

from the sublime to the ridiculous, in the afternoon at home, searing 
temperatures and dust storms AGAIN!!

this sweet baby kooka keeping cool - look at 
that trusting little face  

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