Tuesday, 28 January 2020


I'VE BEEN RUNNING AROUND organising things for my trip, doctor visits for blood tests and jabs, visa stuff (photo, forms etc) phone chats with beijing.  but now the Corona virus looks like its
accelerating, i'm thinking this whole thing will be postponed.  john the director says changing the airfare etc will be ok when they know what they're doing, but already the beginning of the new school year calendar has changed so i'm sure it'll be put off.
so, i've been working on more selfies, reworking the ones i've already done.
also the exhibition with jiang jianwen might be affected, i'm not sure why yet unless it's because jiang is flying out and may not be able to.  that would be a shame, i'm waiting for more info.

this week's pics

a walk along the
riverbank with
sonja on sunday
last week

i'm going to do a
full sized portrait
of sonja to enter
in the portrait

driving home from town last week, disgusting dust, i'm so over cleaning the house constantly.  there's only so much time that can pass before the dust in the house drives you crazy
 so important to leave out water for the birds in this weather
 morning walk earlier this week

some of the self portraits i'm working on, i think there are 18 now

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