Sunday, 5 January 2020


IT'S A HORRIBLE SUMMER - the fires in east gippsland, in fact all the way up the east coast of vic and nsw, are raging and people are being evacuated by the defence forces.  worse than anything i've ever seen and still going strong. the weather has been so hot and today is strange, only 19 expected but everything is so brown and dry and it's still windy.  i'm really tired this morning after an early night and lots of sleep.
the birds here raise my spirits and keeping things watered and birdbaths full is a mission - i had a large kangaroo in the yard (last week the mother and joey were back) so i have a wading pool under the trees with water in it. hope they use it, poor things. food must be scarce.

these beautiful young kookas like to sit for ages with their tails in the bird bath.  they're so sweet and fresh, i watched them for at least half an hour.  it's lovely having the birdbaths right outside the window.

A MID WEEK JOY  -  pics of Mara at her traditional ceremony, i was at Cal's two visits ago. it happens at a certain age, a day for girls and a separate one for boys

this is rene's friend
whose name i don't
know - he's a
photographer and
always records
these events with
fabulous personal

                        Nature is strange, whilst devastating
                        the landscape so far away we're
                        having these amazing sunsets.  the
                        sun was actually red but the camera
                        simply can't pick it up

A trip to town past Lake Hawthorne, masses of red-necked avocet and black-winged stilts late in the day in beautiful light (also ironically provided by the fires, dust and heat)    I think some etchings could come from these

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