Thursday, 9 January 2020


AFTER THE STINKY HOT DAYS  some normally hot days :0)   but no horrible winds and dust, that'll be tomorrow.  today will be 40 but it's still so it's ok.
I'm very excited (and a bit nervous) to be going to this fabulous academy in Beijing for a month, working with students on the process of creating a picture book.  Director John Byrne posted these beautiful snowy pics a couple of days ago.  i wonder if there'll be snow in march - hope so.

                    love this pic of Cal and Mara

I have a 
family of kookaburras 

the kingfishers have moved over the fence into crown land, i guess they've finished with their nesting hollow.
Now i get to watch the kooka parents with their kids, showing them laughing techniques, flying lessons and hunting skills.  the little one (a naive little cutie) sits in the birdbath with his tail submerged for long periods as he scans the earth for edible goodies.  i'm going to get a couple more birdbaths, they get used so much

 good morning murray/darling junction - the start of another hot day, but i think it'll be a nice day despite 40 deg.

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