Sunday, 29 December 2019


IT'S BEEN A GOOD WEEK, i'm off to the grampians to see don after a few days of catching up with friends in geelong and melbourne.

Boxing day was lethargic, after drinking champagne all Christmas day we lay low, heading back to eastern beach for coffee and breakfast in the newly renovated kiosk and cafe. it's been done really well and seems like it should be a success.

I had a walk around the town to look at some favorite buildings to meet denise at the station, we trained it to melbourne and trammed out to st kilda for her family reunion at a restaurant on the beach.

The Zaettas and Civellis get-together at the West Beach Pavilion

Next morning i walked from denise's  down to the barwon at the breakwater, i sat down on a bench and looked up and right there was a willy wagtail nest with three chicks.  i stayed and watched for a while, a lovely start to the day.

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