Monday, 9 December 2019


to lots of visitors, 
animal and 

birchip bakery 
vanilla slice for
the journey home  

the sunset really turned it on for me 
when i arrived back

Aileen and Max - two days of reminiscing about school days and dances with max quietly washing dishes, cleaning up, cooking, he's a gem :0)   great to have so much time with them both.

we had lunch in the sun, went to the movies, bbq on the deck, talk over brekky :0)   lovely!

Martin's back for his annual residency at the Art Vault, he and trish came out for lunch yesterday, great to see him and get to know Trish better
the goanna decided
to make an appearance
about 20 minutes after
martin's car drove out
the gate
                                 polishing off the delicious
                                 ginger cake aileen made
i love this little friarbird, i hadn't seen them before i moved here

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