Friday, 27 December 2019


IT'S BEEN LOVELY to have normal weather, high 20's and comfortable.

a dawn serenade and a beautiful rainbow to start the trip down to geelong for christmas
a good trip down, staying in the pretty town of st.arnaud which has a main street of completely intact old shopfronts, verandahs still there and beautiful windows with tiled surrounds.  my accommodation was a motel room, very 70's, at the back of a lovely old hotel that is now a residence.

Next night was at Denise's empty house, perfect to prepare my food for christmas day at Susan's, where i am now on the day after boxing day.

On the way i stopped
to take a few pics
at the pretty Avoca

i was excited
to photograph
this at a great
distance and
realised it was
a goldfinch, i 
haven't seen
one for 

We had a lovely christmas, food was fab and susan and seans house was perfect for the day.

we walked down to eastern beach which was a real eye opener for me.  it's been completely restored and looks better than it ever has. there were literally thousands of people down there, huge families of islanders and muslims, indians and asians all set up with tents and bbq's, picnicking, playing soccer and volleyball, in the water.  the promenade was packed.  the ferris wheel is there for the summer and sunny, susan, jenny and i all had a ride,  terrific.

 susan and sean's neighbour across the road

boxing day was a write off for me, i was very tired and secondhand but we walked down to easter beach again and had breakfast at the newly opened re-renovated eastern beach kiosk cafe.  very nice and looks like it should take off.
now i'm at susan and seans, getting ready to travel up to melbourne with denise on the train to have lunch with her relatives.

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