Saturday, 18 January 2020


SUDDENLY it's only 6 weeks till i go to china and i'm in the middle of getting shots, filling in 4page visa applications, just getting medical things checked before i leave. 

the grounds of Western Academy of Beijing, snow
in December.
it'll be fairly
cold when i'm there which will be nice,
it's awfully
humid there
in summer

The weather is being kind this week, cool mornings, warm to hot afternoons but staying in the low 30's.  DEEElightful

The kookaburra babies are just about living in my birdbaths, i hear them close to the house throughout the day with their funny baby kooka voices.  they don't actually laugh yet, just throaty gurgly sounds. 


this gorgeous flower is on one of a row of ugly old prickly cacti, about 6 ft high which line a fence i pass on my morning walks.
once of twice a year for a day these large blooms burst forth -
a most beautiful sight and a treat for the bees

very excited to be an expectant
grandmother again - 
darling sunny is due on 
june 30 and i'm remembering 
how good i felt when i was 
expecting her and the anticipation 
of the new little person that 
was soon to arrive

    smoky haze over the land between mildura and wentworth

morning walk - bad boys in the pines near the oval
 full moon last week, smoky skies
             i'm thinking of producing giclee prints of these
             chinese heads, i've always like them

 the baby kookas,
as big as their
parents but the
beaks are much
shorter and theyre
so naive and 
inexperience, it's 
good to see them 
safe in my garden
the wrens exploring the garden


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  1. Dear Anne, take care, safe trip. Look forward to your report and adventure!! Best wishes, Sadami


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