Monday, 10 June 2019


GOLLY i haven't written anything here since may 29 - i'll backtrack thru my photos to remember what's been happening, nothing much, it's a quiet year

cal being cal, rene says he's right into tom cruise 'mission impossible' so i guess this is a 'tom' move

i take these
pics for 
sonja who
posts a pic
of the T&G
and its palms
- it's an iconic
sonja image

yes, i'm still steeped
in romeo & juliet -
but now i've actually
submitted grant
applications to
australia council,
 copyright agency and
also a residency
application to
bundanon on the
shoalhaven river

these pics were taken on a really cold day, last week we had a cold
snap and the fire was going night and day for a week.  the pelicans
were huddled on the shore, i felt like knitting them jumpers

a pic i took on the kitchen bench in the evening without a flash, i posted it and everyone responded with 'you have to make it a painting'

   maybe they can paint it :0)

It's winter but autumn is hanging in there,  fine by me

LAKE HAWTHORN on the way home this weekend

 SATURDAY was Worldwide Knit in Public day and we got together down at the Makers' hall - a group of fifteen knitted and swapped stories and patterns over lunch of hot vege soup i made, plus sausage rolls and slices  -  i must be living in a country town community.
this is a really interesting cowl pattern i'm going to make
anne hederics with a couple of coomealla golf club ladies
i'm going to adapt this pattern and knit it
butcher bird in the makers garden on richard's sculpture

last night was the most amazing sunset, bright pink in the east and
crazy rolling colour in the west

Had a nice walk on the island with sue this morning, then coffee
on the riverbank - after the cold week it's been lovely, today was
actually warm, no wind, perfect.  i've had an airbnb guest here who's been visiting salty lake sites and dancing in them, filming herself to make a video installation about salination.  she'll be bringing it back here to perform, it'll be interesting to see how she does it, i can't imagine.

funny to see a pigeon bathing in the river

funny little houseboat - sue's interested in
building one so i'll
document anything
small and interesting
i see going by.

butcher bird at the
bird bath outside
the kitchen window

late autumn continues

rough drawing for a romeo&juliet cover idea

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