Wednesday, 29 May 2019


DEFINITELY INDOOR WEATHER right now - good for me to be concentrating on my grant applications.  yesterday was spent running around organising a new hot water service. This morning ... steaming hot water, what a treat.   lots of money spent though, money i don't have right now :0(
Nothing much happening - i'm better after that rotten lurgy but still a bit indoorsy.  i'll have to crank myself into gear and start walking again.

little resident
catching bugs
on the
lots of knitting going on - i've got the bug

    this fabulous cloud sailed over during the week

LAST SUNDAY  we had a working bee down
at the Makers building to get the garden into
some shape.  richard's been working hard on the
bare bones and they worked out a watering
system.  I spent a pleasant four hours planting a
whole lot of herb and plant cuttings i've been
growing.  a good day's work

we had company all day, magpies, a butcher bird and two willy wagtails came amazingly close to get the little flying red ants
that were disturbed out of the soil

i planted geraniums, irises, oregano and rosemary and a bunch of stripey strappy plants that a neighbour brought over when she saw us working.

is in full swing but from the sounds of the wind outside i think the leaves will be gone in a few days

still working on my grant application, it's due this week - trying    out character sketches for romeo & juliet

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