Thursday, 16 May 2019


SINCE MY LAST POST we've had rain, the huge goat moths suddenly appeared, eerily sitting all over the verandah and door. it's a sure sign rain's on the way, they come out of large holes in the ground to hopefully mate before being cleaned up by owls and other hungry critters.  in the morning i collected a lot of beautiful wings from the verandah -  creepy.

the rain lasted all night and everything was divinely damp, but then two weeks without.  i've been away down south for the mothers day weekend and it rained one day after i left too. such a relief. SOME NICE PICS of rene and the kids from tokyo 

DORIS DAY  - passed away at home aged 97, good on her. four unhappy marriages but finally living with lots of dogs and fighting for animal rights.  what a golden voice she had

 i've got the knitting bug.
creatively i'm going thru
a bit of a dry spell so it's
good to do something
fun with colour - being
productive while researching
various versions of
romeo and juliet for my
grant application.

THE RAIN brought some spectacular skies and sunsets

such a beautiful
 time of
year here, still 
mornings and
reflections on
the river

 morning walks
through the
cemetery -
the headstones
look lovely in
the autumn

AFTER THE RAIN - the top dries out so fast, fabulous patterns
MAY 9  -  I DROVE DOWN to the grampians to visit don on the way to torquay - spent a nice night with jenny and freddie, then on saturday picked sunny up from the station to have brekky with the crew, susan came down on the bus, anne and den, jen and rob, jenny and freddy, anne and dennis and denise.  upstairs in the sun, a very nice morning.   we had an easy afternoon and then went up to the old geelong papermills to see gail and the girls performing. boy, have they got their mojo back!! 
firing on all cylinders

    so lovely to have a weekend with sunny

we had a very long walk sunday morning along the dog beach - i've never seen so many ecstatic smiling dogs :0)  a beautiful morning and the perfect mothers day morning. 

SUNDAY afternoon we drove to melbourne after a visit to geelong gallery where denise was on duty, a great john wolseley exhibition there.  then lunch in the sun in the lovely library cafe before heading up the highway.  i stayed with vicki for a lazy night in then drove home on monday.  a long all day drive.  next morning - woke up with a lurgy so now i'm in bed feeling like crap and i have to mount two large 70x70cm photos on foamcore for tomorrow's group exhibition at the town hall.   sigh.  i did spend all afternoon yesterday chopping and simmering a pile of fresh vegies and herbs from sue's garden with a chicken to make 'immune boosting soup' which popped up in my emails courtesy GMHBA.


VICKI gave me
this stripy swordy
plant,  lots of
pieces with
roots that have
been struck in
water - hope they
take off, they 're
a nice contrast

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