Saturday, 29 June 2019


AFTER A DAY ON THE ROAD i'm at don's at Lake Lonsdale, a warm day yesterday but this morning it sounds wild out there, rainy and windy.  off to geelong today for two weeks in torquay :0)   looking forward to it.

resident kooka
sitting on the
chimney -
don informed me
it's daceloi leachii

selfie taken, trying to get a bio pic with background but this doesn't cut it - the tree is spectacular though - on the golfcourse
 wenty thinks it's still autumn,  plain trees in the main street

lunch on the side of the road, eating a birchip bakery pastie :0)

a lovely old facade in Donald
 back in the grampians

beestings, vanilla
slices and choc
eclairs from the
birchip bakery -
could pastry
be any lighter??

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