Tuesday, 18 June 2019

BRRR winter is here

IT'S  .,SUNNY TODAY but the air has turned chilly, i'll light the fire this afternoon.  just farewelled my fourth airbnbers for the past month, new zealanders travelling around for 3 months, heading for broken hill and beyond.

CAL and MARA look pretty happy in their groovy new school which looks likes it's been assembled from ikea flatpacks, very groovy and scandy.  It looks free and fun.

              crazy cal  :0)   does he ever stop?? apparently he's
              into tom cruise now, hence the stunts

this was a wonderful film "the dancer" all about loie fuller and her amazing dance act in the folies berger, fin de siecle

jenny leach has put up a website selling helen's art on cards.  i love this image, i'm wondering if it's still around as a painting

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