Friday, 1 March 2019


1st of MARCH already - i'm heading home today HOORAY!  i always love getting home after a trip.  39 deg though, that's pretty disappointing, i was hoping to get into the studio but i'll be staying in the cool of the house mosaicing my new birdbath

I left lakes entrance and travelled to drouin where i had an overnighter in the drouin hotel, inexpensive and lovely, a recently renovated room with bathroom for $80, seniors bangers and mash and a glass of wine for $16 all served in a way that made it quite special. 

i lay on the bed 
and watched the 
academy awards, 
a perfect quiet night 
amongst all the 

next day i visited terry, always so good to see that lovely man.

then onto the ferry at sorrento back to queenscliff and on to stay with susan and sean.

on wednesday i met werner, my old classmate from form four. haven't seen him in 51 years!  he was in geelong with his yacht and sean and i had a fabulous day with him out on corio bay.  pretty funny, us trying to follow instructions with ropes and at the helm, great fun and a wonderful day. werner's as nice as ever

waiting for werner,  lovely to see bett again

    sean the wonder boy

we saw
a seal, couldn't
get a good
pic but it was
exciting to
watch it
after a delicious swim in the bay

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