Wednesday, 6 March 2019


ALMOST A WEEK at home now, and it's been hot every day. this morning i've woken up to overcast sky and cool weather, it's divine. i spent the heat indoors mosaicing a terracotta bowl vicki gave me, a new birdbath to look at through the kitchen window

sunflowers on the way to the grampians last week

i thought the bee eaters would be gone but they're here buzzing around, madly eating and fattening up for their migration to who
knows where

the bowl before
applying the
china pieces

 it was sonja's 50th
last saturday, so 
lovely to watch 
her being surrounded
by people who love

i didn't stay late - stopped at the lock to take a few pics

mornings are gorgeous before these hot days

sunday was a 'save the darling' rally at the junction, run by the Local Aboriginal Land Council

friend jane macallister who's running
as an independent in the
coming elections

auntie peggy thomas did welcome to country
 another hottie

all signed up for
private health
insurance so i'll
be getting a new
hip next year.
good grief!

                               progress . . .

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